Best CBD For Animals

CBD Pedigree is the highest quality CBD you can get that is designed specifically for animals and pets. This is the best CBD for Animals!

CBD for Dogs4 Corners Cannabis is proud to launch the first quality CBD product that is designed specifically for pets and animals. This is the CBD for animals that you have been looking for!

We have been primarily working with CBD genetics since 2013. Our CBD Pedigree is made from the trim of our infamous “Ma’at” strain. We use gentle food grade extractions to maintain the integrity of the entourage effect for all our products.

This product contains CBD from organic hemp farmers in Colorado. We do not use toxic pesticides. We do not use fluorinated water. We extract with Organic Sugar Cane Ethanol that we source from Brazil.If you are looking for the highest quality CBD for pets and animals, then this is the product for you!

This is great for:

CBD for pets

    • CBD for Cats
    • CBD for Dogs
    • CBD for Horses
    • CBD for Cattle
    • CBD for Farm Animals
    • CBD for Mammals

Our dog “Dozer” has been taking our CBD since 3 days after we picked him up from the animal shelter as he wouldn’t stop pacing back and forth after his rough life behind bars. As you may be able to tell from the picture, he has grown into quite an amazing dog!

We suggest giving your animal 1 drop per every lb of body weight daily. Each bottle contains roughly 600 drops of CBD.

We focus on quality! We do not offer CBD infused treats. We do not hire artists to create cute packaging. All our resources go toward creating the best products possible. This is the best CBD for animals that you will find!

Please visit our homepage to learn more about our CBD Oil for pets.

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